We love each other but don’t want to be exclusive

I have always been fairly open minded when it comes to relationships, so it was important for me to find the right life partner. When I first met Marilyn, my girlfriend who works for London escorts, I realised that we had a lot in common. Before I started my own company, I did a brief stint for a male charlotte London escorts service. It was great, but I really wanted to start my own business, so I had to give up escorting when I became too busy with my company.

Most of the poor girls who work for charlotte London escorts do have a hard time finding a relationship status which works. As I am bisexual, I wanted to be in an open relationship. The good thing about Marilyn’s London escorts lifestyle, is that an open relationship suits her well. Lots of people think that we are not very “into each other”, but that is not true. Marilyn and I are in fact dedicated to one another and we have even bought our own house.

Few couples make relationship or personal plans, but we certainly do. I want to work I tell I am about 40, after that I would like to travel the world. Marilyn is planning to work for London escorts until she is 28 years old, and after that she is going to start her own business. She loves working for London escorts, but she says that you need to progress in life. I agree with that and totally get where she is coming from. Before I started my own business, I did all sorts of things.

I am a very feminine guy, and I do have traits which are feminine. I only realised that I was bisexual when I got into cross dressing in a big way. When I am in my shemale persona, I am a totally different person. Marilyn never knows who she is going to meet when she comes home from London escorts. The funny thing is that she loves all of my personas, and we often go out together with me as a woman. It does not worry her at all, just like it does not worry me that she works for London escorts.

Do Marilyn and I have a great sex life? We certainly do, and I think that she is sex on legs. Like all other London escorts, she has got this really easy going personality, and that matters a lot. I love how easy it is to talk to her, and generally be around her. She is my true life partner. Others may come and go, but there never be anyone like my Marilyn. We have so many plans for the future, and we are really looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Am I confident in the strength of our relationship? I certainly am, and I know that Marilyn feels exactly the same way as I do. We are just made for each other and meant to be together.

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