The Art of Multi Tasking

Are women better at multi tasking than  men? I am not sure if women are better at multi tasking than men, but I certainly think that women are better at planning ahead. At the beginning of my London escorts career, I did not have a clue as to how busy I would eventually become at the escort agency in London. The first couple of months when I built up my business were rather slowly, but once I got going, I got really busy. Multi tasking and planning ahead both became essential factors in my life.


When I had been working for London escorts for about six months, I suddenly realised my personal life was in a turmoil. At the time I was living in this really cute flat in London which I had inherited from a relative. One day when I came in through the door, it struck me that the place was a mess. I had been so busy at the escort agency in London that I had not even had the time to do the housework at home. This simply had to stop, and I needed to pull my socks up.


The laundry basket was running over, and there were papers and magazines everywhere. Worst of all, the place smelt  and I just hated that. I realised that I simply was not on top of things, and if I was going to be working this hard, I needed to have some sort of plan. It did not help that my washing machine had packed up weeks ago, and that I had been too busy to buy a new one. Going down to the service laundry was taking up a lot of time, and it simply could not carry on. I would soon end up having nothing to wear for London escorts.


The first thing I did was to go down to the local store and order a new washing machine. It was one of those fancy once with a timer. I realised that I needed to multi task and plan ahead, and why should I not let technology lend me hand. If I had a washing machine with a timer, I could easily set it before I went to bed, and I would start up so that I could hang out the laundry in the morning. Not only that, but I had also invested in recycling boxes for the cleaning cupboard. Once I read a paper and did not want in anymore, I would just throw in there straight away. The trash I would simply had to take out once a day as I left for London escorts.


I also sat down and made a list of the other things that I had to do. If I cleaned a room per day, I would certainly have more time for me,  and the place would be tidier as well. It is hard to start to live on your own  when you are not used to it. Working late nights at London escorts did not help neither. I was simply too tired to clean the entire place up the next day. However, the idea was to make the entire place a lot more easy to manage. It is a perk to have 3 bedrooms in London, but looking after the place is a totally different thing.

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