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Staying away from surgery

Natural looks are the best, says Rose from East London escorts. When I sometimes look at other London escorts, I find that many of them have been enhanced. To be honest I am not sure if gents like that. After all, we can all make the most of the way we look. When it comes to plastic surgery procedures, I have a couple of pet hates. I would not say that they revolt me, but I certainly look twice at the girls who have had procedures done. You can certainly tell when they have gone for some sort of extreme surgery.

My pet hate is lip fillers. I know they are very popular, and a couple of my colleagues here at East London escorts have had them done. I can’t say that they make the girls look more attractive, I just think that it gives their faces a very unbalanced look. They look like they are pouting all of the time, and it just does not look right to me. I think that I would rather spend all of that money on a complete new wardrobe than on a lot of fillers. It always makes me wonder what they are going to look like in the future as they age.

Breast enhancements can look really fake as well. On a very slim girl, a very large pair of boobs will just look completely out of my place. One of the Polish girls here at East London escorts had it done. Mind you, she has always had a bit of a hung up about her small boobs, but it was all in her mind. All of the gents that dated her liked her the way she was. She looks great but I am still not sure it is the thing to do.

I think that a lot of these sort of physical imperfections are in your mind. There are some treatments which are okay, but I would not spend a fortune on them. I can understand why ladies like to have some wrinkles sorted out but I don’t think that we need to resort to surgery for that. There are a lot of treatments which involve skin creams, and it is also important to to eat right to stay healthy. If you are healthy, your skin is healthy, and you will naturally look a lot better. Of course, it is important to avoid smoking as well.

Most of the girls I know here at East London escorts take their health seriously. It is important to be able to have the right out look on life, and with the right mind set, we can easily have that. Will I ever go under the knife? No, I don’t think so, says Rose. First of all it would scare me and number two I am not sure I would like the new me. I am used to the way I look and I feel good about myself. To be honest, I think that is the most important factor.

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