Special needs and gents

I love working for http://charlotteaction.org/east-ham-escorts East Ham escorts, says Felina. First of all, I have met some really nice gents here, and number two, all of the girls who work here get on. I have worked for other escorts services around London, and a lot of the girls simply do not get on. Everything ends up getting bent out of shape, and the girls get really bitchy. It is not nice at all, and I don’t want to work for that type of agency anymore. I would love to say that things will never be like that here at this agency.

Lots of my dates are dealing with gents with what I call special needs. The girls at East Ham escorts laughed when i first brought up the term but it is really true. I like the fact that a lot of the gents I meet are into things like duo dating, and role playing. Dates can easily get boring, and when you introduce other things like role play, it can really liven a date up. Personally, I am heavily into role play, and I make sure that I get as many role play dates as possible. After all, we all need a change.

a great love from east ham escorts
a great love from east ham escorts

Many of the dates that I do here at East Ham escorts are on a duo date basis. My girlfriend works for the agency as well, and together, we make up a really god duo dating team. The gents who come around to visit must enjoy our dating style as they keep coming back. In the last week, we have had four return dates and that has just been great. You get to know what gents enjoy and like my friend says, you can really fulfill their special needs when they come back to you.

My friend and I actually do role play duo dates. It is something totally different, and I am sure that this is only available at East ham escorts. it all started as an idea, and of course it helps that my friend and I are really into role play ourselves. At the moment, we do quite a few dates per week, and I have this funny feeling that the number of dates are going to increase. Lots of gents try one, and then they like to come back for some more. I can totally relate to that, and I really enjoy the dates as well.

Escorting has certainly changed a lot, and you need to be innovative to stay on top. Some of the girls who work here think that my girlfriend and I are totally nuts. but we do pull in a lot of gents to the agency. I am not going to brag, but I think that we pull in the most dates to the agency at the moment. The truth is that I am pretty sure that the boss appreciates our different dating styles, and I hope that we can stay working for this escorts service, as long as possible.

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