Mayfair Escorts

John and Alan run in between them one of Mayfair’s busiest escorts agencies just like They have lots of experience in the escorts service but Mayfair escorts services is their most exciting adventure. They have been running the agency now for over five years, but they have one important thing to say – your escorts service is nothing without your madame. The boys have very cleverly employed one of London’s most experienced madams and this is why they think that they are so successful. Their madame looks after the girls and many of the gents who use the agency. She has spent a lot of time training the front desk staff as well and this has helped tremendously.

After the madame, the most important asset of Mayfair escorts services are the the girls. Alan and John both agree that it is vital for the girls who work for the agency to have an input into the running of the agency. The great thing is, says Alan, a lot of the girls have their own ideas for new ventures. This is very important as quite clearly they speak to gents on a daily basis, it would be nice to date that yourself but it is not practical. The gents are happy to tell the girls what services they are looking for.

As a result, John says, we have been able to add a lot of new services. Duo dating is the hottest escorts service all over the world and it is very popular with Mayfair escorts services as well. We have a couple of different duo teams, John says, and we even have a black duo dating team. This is the most popular part of the service and is used by a lot of visiting London gents. It must have a bit of a reputation abroad as many gents from abroad arrange for the service several months in advance sometimes.

Bisexual escorts are popular in Mayfair as well. We do supply this on a regular basis and we often find that once again, it is the foreign gents who use the service. Personally I think it is a bit of fad says Alan, and it will not last that long. This is why we have not laid on a special service for this service. However we are for the time being pleased to be able to supply the service as part of Mayfair escorts services.

Mayfair escorts always face new challenges because they work in one of the busiest parts of London. The girls here date on a more frequent basis and often their diaries are fully booked for perhaps weeks ahead. Yes they charge higher rates but central London is a very expensive part of the capital to work in. This is why we charge higher rates. We pay a lot more for our boudoirs and this must be taken into account when we set our prices. There is no point in running your business at a loss after all, says both Alan and John in one voice.

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