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Dear Better Sex Guide,

Since visiting Las Vegas I have become really hooked on duo dating, and now I would like to have the same experience here in the UK. I travel up to London on business a lot, and I would be interested to know if there are any London escorts agencies who offer duo dating services. To be honest, I have not looked around yet, instead I was hoping you might be able to recommend an agency that would be suitable for my first duo date experience in London from You probably know this field a lot better than I do.

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Also, a lot of the Las Vegas escorts who did duo-dating were bisexuals, and I wondering if there is such as thing as bisexual London escorts. I would actually like to date two hot bisexual blondes. In Las Vegas, I had the most amazing duo date experience with two Las Vegas escorts. They were really horny and I just couldn’t believe that sort of thing existed, but there it was. I would really love to meet hot bisexuals as well, and I wonder if you would give me some advice. Horny in Basingstoke

Dear Horny in Basingstoke,

Thank you so much for your email, and yes we can help. Duo dating is really popular in London now and many of the elite and VIP London escorts agencies, do provide ladies for duo dating. It has become a very popular service. My advice to you, is to find the perfect duo couple for you, before you travel. It may sound a bit out of hand, but these girl often date a lot and may not be available at a short notice. If you are serious about having a really hot, steamy and sexy duo experience, I would check out agencies in the Mayfair and Kensington area. They have some of the hottest duo daters in London.

Bisexual London escorts are often in high demand, and once again, it can be difficult to get a date. It is a matter of being super organized and knowing exactly when you are available. If you are going to be available during the day, you are more likely to pick up a date, but the evenings are a problem. Make sure that you plan your time, and arrange your date a couple of weeks in advance.

I am not sure if you have experience of dating London escorts at all, but you will find that many of the ladies here in London offer a more refined service. Dates are available on both an incall and outcall basis. I know that in Las Vegas dates are often on an outcall basis. This means that your dream girl, or dream girls come to you.

You will be able to find out a lot more by calling one of the many elite or VIP escorts agencies that work in the area. I have placed a link on this page to a service which I think is really good.

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