Does cold hard cash really matter?

I am sure that we have become a little bit too obsessed with cash and how much money people have these days. When I am out with the girls from charlotte escorts we keep on talking about it all of the time. I have started to appreciate that a lot comes from celebrity culture. Not a day goes past without one of the girls at London escorts mention someone like Kim Kardashian and her famous bum. She seems to have managed to get a lot of money from virtually doing nothing. Maybe if I had implants and tried to do the same, I would get plenty of cash as well into my bank account.

A little bit like magic!Most of the men I date during my shifts with London escorts are pretty obsessed with money as well. They either have their companies or some really high flying jobs. Some of them work such long hours that they simply do not have any time for personal relationships at all. That is why so many of them end up dating London escorts instead. It really makes you wonder what is going on in their lives.Am I obsessed with money? I would not say it is the main thing in my life, but I would be telling a lie if I did not say it was important. When I joined my first London escorts service, I had certain goals in mind.

Since then I have been working hard and I have achieved many of them. Last year I managed to buy my own flat out of my accumulated London escorts earnings. Now I am working on something else and once I have achieved that I may move on and do something else.Is greed good? According to Michael Douglas in the movie Wall Street, greed is good. Do I think it is right and good for you? From what I have seen at London escorts, greed is not good for you at all. During the last couple of years I have dated a lot of gents who complain about health problems. Do you know what they have all had in common?

They have all been obsessed with earning money and living what I can only call a glitzy lifestyle. In the long term, I am not sure it has helped them out a lot.Would I like to marry a rich guy? I think that a lot of girls at London escorts dream about marrying rich man but I am not sure about that. I certainly would not want to marry a guy who is totally broke. At the same time, I think it is important to have a goal together. Something that you can work towards and that is what I would like myself. When I leave London escorts, I hope that I am going to be okay, and will be able to stand on my own two feet. If I meet the right man, it would be nice but if I don’t, I can think of plenty of things to do with my life.

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