A dominant kind of a woman

Yes, I know that I am rather a dominant woman, but that does not mean that I don’t enjoy a little bit of romance. Since I have been working for Gatwick escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/gatwick-escorts, I have become one of the most popular dominatrix at our Gatwick escorts service, but you can say that I have a softer side to me as well. When you first enter my boudoir, you will always find a bunch of red roses in a vase on the hall table. That is my way of signaling to my dates that I like flowers.


You be surprised how many of my regular naughty boys at Gatwick escorts who pick up on the fact that I like blue and pink bluebells. Several of my best dates bring me blue and pink bluebells when they come around, and I love it. A couple of them have really caught on to my more sensual sides and even bring me other gifts such as body lotions and nice perfumes. I really do appreciate their presents and I make sure that I put them too good use. Actually I think that I am one of the most spoiled girl’s cheap escorts in Gatwick. I don’t only get treated to lovely flowers and smelliest. Some of my regulars also like to take me out for dinner, and spoil me rotten in some of the best restaurants in Gatwick.


At first I think that many of my gents who like to enjoy my Gatwick escorts dominations service was worried that I would turn up wearing my “gear”. But I am just like any other girl at Gatwick escorts, I know that there are situations which do call for something different. It makes a change for me to be treated to dinner dates. If you ever were to visit my personal abode so to speak, you would never think that I work as a domination specialist for Gatwick escorts. My flat is perhaps one of the most romantic and girlie places that I have ever come across. I have lots of special memories from my dating with Gatwick escorts, and I find it hard to let go of my special things. Mind you, I save a little bit of everything, and even old perfume bottles have got rosebuds in them.


When I am at home, I am a really different person from the girl my Gatwick escorts dates have got to know. One of my ex boyfriends used to say that I was one of the most domesticated girls that he had ever met. He found it really hard to believe that I worked for a Gatwick escorts service. There are some days when I think that I would rather be running my own florist, and perhaps when I finally leave Gatwick escorts, I will become a florist and follow my other passion to create romantic bridal bouquets. But those days are still some way of and I really do love a little bit of domination. If you like to come around, please don’t forget about my love of roses.

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