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Welcome to Cat Eyes Media
An industry expert and staple for more than 10 years, Cat Eyes Media has been building adult Web sites for the best in the adult sex industry since the '90s. Our designs and projects over the years span everything from members only access Web sites to adult e-commerce sites. Cat Eyes Media can custom tailor a variety of adult services that include the website design, development and management of adult Web sites, as well as adult marketing solutions that vary from a Flash banner to fully functioning databases, e-commerce solutions and content management tools.

Essentially, we've seen it all, we've designed it all and we want to put all of that experience toward being the best resource for those who also work hard at building the best and most profitable online adult businesses.

We treat adult web site design as business and not as a hobby. With a full staff of adult website designers and marketers, you will know that you have professional partner in this industry.

Adult Website Design Adult Website Marketing

Adult website design tips:

Designing and creating an an adult website is only half of the battle. A good adult website is designed so that it can be updated quickly and easily. The reality is that most porn businesses do not have the time to regularly update their web site.

Smart adult website designers understand how important updating content and thus design web sites so they do not fall into this trap. They work with their clients on a maintenance schedule or developed a content managing tool for them to use.

What is the diffrence between a business websites verses an adult website? Nothing! We treat every adult website project like a regular business website because both websites are there to make profit and attract customers. They might both have different "products" but both business and adult websites projects have common goals.

Call us today at 424-272-5373 and speak with a live customer service representatives about your adult website design project.

Adult Website Design Tips and Guide:

Finding the right domain name for your adult website -

Selecting or changing an adult website domain name (sometime called a URL for uniform resource locator) is a critical marketing decision. The problem is more than just a simple search for availability on registration websites. Use the following guide to pick the right adult website domain name:


Easy to say in person. Its unwieldy to say "digit" before a number in a URL or the word "dash" or "hyphen"; besides, people have a hard time finding the dash character on a keyboard.

Easy to understand over the radio or on the phone. Words that include the ess and eff sounds are often confused when listening, as are certain consonant pairs like b/p, c/z/ or d/t. If you are selling on other countries, confusion between English consonants is different, such as b/v in Spanish or r/l in Japanese.


Easy to Spell. Using homonyms might be a clever way to get around a competitor who already owns a name you would like to have; however, you are just as apt to drive traffic to your competitor as to gain some for yourself. Also, try yo avoid foreign words, words that are deliberately misspelled just because they are available.

Easy to type. The longer the url, the more likely a typo. Your adult website domain name can be as long as 59 characters but unskilled typist average an error every 7 keystrokes.

Easy to read in print and online ads. You can insert capital letters or use a different color for compound domain name to make them easier to read. Be sure your adult website domain name can also be read easily in black and white and in a logotype if you design one.

Easy to read in the address toolbar. You can not use colors or capitalization to distinguish parts of a compound name or acronym in address or search engines boxes. Depending on the browser fonts set by the user, the letters m,n or r next to each other (mrnrnm) are very hard to read, as are the characters l/i (lillil) or the similar digit / letter combination of 1/l.

Easy to remember. Words or phrases are easier to remember than a stream of letters in a acronym, unless your target audience already knows the acronym from extensive branding. Your adult website domain name may be, but does not need to be, your business name, unless you enjoy a preexisting brand identity.

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We work every day towards one goal: a

"Thank you! you have been so great with this! I'm sorry, if at times if I came off pushy and impatient. We have made a huge investment in our future and I just don't want things to go wrong. But we see, we don't have that with you guys. Thank you!"

- Holly Berry

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Important Disclaimer: At Cat Eyes Media, we simply build and design Web sites that are intended to be used in a responsible and legal manner. The manner in which our clients use their Web site is in their first amendment rights, and is solely up to their discretion. Cat Eyes Media does not endorse or advocate prostitution, nor do we support or design Web sites containing any illegal sexual activities such as child pornography, bestiality, sexual violence, etc. Our adult Web site designs are for adult entertainment use and for legal adult businesses only. Please check with your local state laws that might pertain to the adult industry. | | |